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Dear Salida Community,

Thank you for your support during our first FamJam Fundraiser! FamJam was fun, entertaining, and a huge success that focused on families making music!

We would like to thank the sponsors, performers, and guests.

Thank you to our sponsors Sheree Beddingfield of Salida Dermatology, Chris Nasca owner of Broken String Guitars, Bob Gomez Realtor at HomeSmart and Nicki Manes owner of Eye Candy Art and Treasure. It is businesses like these that continue to give to our thriving community.

A Church will continue to nurture and support families playing music together.

This year our amazing performing families were the Early Coen family, the Beddingfields, the Mossmans and the McWilkins family. Thank you for your courage to rehearse and perform together! You were all fabulous!

Our FamJam fundraiser monetary support goes to nonprofit and civic entities.
It is our mission to connect and provide a safe and open space for our community and individuals working for positive change.
For more information about services offered please go to

Thank you for your generosity. Please look for our other Fundraising events in the future.
Andrea Mossman, Sheree Beddingfield and Kurt Beddingfield