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Dear Friends,

School Board elections are happening.  Candidates for School Board tend to be civic-minded and truly want what’s best for the children.

There is concern about the messaging of some candidates.  Two have “Honoring Conservative American Values” on their signs.  The third says, “Say NO to the likes of CRT and State Mandated Sex Ed.” in an ad in the Mountain Mail on Friday. Unfortunately, School Board elections across the country are being turned into political battlegrounds. As the Associated Press has reported, our attention is needed to keep politics out of our local election.

Generally, school board candidates do not to form fundraising committees, so an independent committee – Focus on the Learning – has been created.  Please consider a donation to help protect the quality of education for our community’s children.

I feel that the sitting school board has done an excellent job of keeping our students safe and learning under most trying circumstances and should be reelected. Additionally, newcomer Mandy Paschall is an informed and dedicated public servant.

Please support these Salida candidates who have proven track records of public service and are Focused on the Learning, not aligned with the values of any political agenda: Mandy Paschall and incumbents Jodi Petit and Joe Smith.

Consider any size (maximum $625) donation.  Send a check to Focus on the Learning, PO Box 1401, Salida, CO 81201.  Delivering to the post office counter or directly to me will expedite receipt.

Consider writing a Letter to the Editor in the Mountain Mail  or Ark Valley Voice.  Avoid candidate bashing and focus on the merits of Jodi Petit, Joe Smith, and Mandy Paschall.

Time is of the essence.  Don’t leave learning to chance – VOTE November 2nd!

Thank you!

Lawton Eddy