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Dear Editor,

I am writing today about the Centerville Ranch Major Subdivision. We live just south of the proposed project and we have many concerns about the water and septic systems for 210 building sites. There simply isn’t enough water for a subdivision of this size. We are very concerned about the septic systems that will be infiltrating our groundwater. We hope that the county commissioners will take a very long and hard look at this proposed subdivision.
I believe the developer is trying to push this before the county commissioners have new policies in place protecting rural areas. A subdivision of this size should be kept closer to town and not 10-plus miles outside of town limits.
The developer could have larger lots and still make a huge profit. The lot sizes that are just 1.5 miles from the new proposed subdivision range from 10 acres up to 40. At the very least they should be 10 acre lots.
This subdivision will bring more crime to the rural community along with more traffic. It will be a drain on all county services.

Peggy Alexander