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Rocky Mountain Garlic (RMG) is building a passive solar greenhouse with an attached farm stand. Owners Tiffany and Mike Collette have started the new spring project to help ensure local food access for the community.

This green house design is similar to the one being built by Rocky Mountain Garlic. Image courtesy of Tiffany Collette.

The passive solar greenhouse will be 18 by 36 feet and features “smart” technology that will allow RMG to grow plant starts for their farm as well as other farmers. They will also use the space for growing through the winter. The greenhouse maintains a steady temperature without additional heat sources.

The southern-facing wall and roof allow sunlight to enter and heat water in 55-gallon barrels that are painted black. This acts as their thermal mass. Fresh air is another important aspect so RMG will be using automatic vent openers that open and close windows based on temperature.

The Collette’s say they have selected a local contractor with experience designing and building greenhouses of this type to oversee construction. The other half of the building is a shed which they will use as their on-farm produce stand.They currently have a Kickstarter fund raiser for the project and say they are about halfway to meeting their goal.

The “Garlic Kids”, Mike and Tiffany Collette with Henry of Salida’s Rocky Mountain Garlic. Photo Courtesy Rocky Mountain Garlic

Tiffany Collette explained. “We have started this project on a shoestring budget and appreciate everyone’s support. The farm stand part is as exciting to me as the greenhouse.”

She continued, “We are located on CR 156 across from Scanga Meats. So I hope it’s a convenient stop for people.  The farm stand will be open five days a week with local produce. We will be working with Meadows Edge farm in BV again this season to bring a great variety.”

RMG just finished laying the foundation for this project and has installed insulation and wall plates. They offer various rewards for support including seeds, shirts, bags, hats and even a dinner for two in the green house.

Rocky Mountain Garlic is a small family farm started in 2016. In the future, they would like to expand operations beyond garlic and produce even more food for the community.

To learn more about the project or to donate to their Kickstarter, click here.