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Chaffee County Campus Planned Development application on deck for work session

Due to the Fourth of July holiday, Salida City Council will host both their work session and regular meeting, back to back on July 6. The work session will begin at 5:00 p.m. and the agenda includes a conceptual review with the Planning Commission on a Major Impact Review for the Chaffee County Campus Planned Development application.

Image courtesy of the Chaffee County Clerk’s Office.

The Chaffee County Government has submitted a Major Impact Review application for a Planned Development Overlay on their 3.75 acre parcel located at 104 Crestone Ave. that contains much of the county’s administrative functions. The parcel is zoned Single-Family Residential, and the current use is for the Administrative Building, Chaffee County Courts Building, Chaffee County Dispatch, Jail Building, and the State Patrol Communications Building and Tower. The EMS garage that is now within that overlay area is scheduled to be removed in the near future.

Because the Single-Family Residential zone designation does not make sense for the current and future uses of the property at the Chaffee County Campus, the applicant would like the Planned Development Overlay to closely align with the C-1 zone district dimensional standards.

Council will also have a discussion during that work session, about short-term rentals and a possible financial contributions for the Jane’s Place Adaptive Housing Project.

City Housing and Chaffee Unified Election Code Topics for Regular Meeting

Touber Building where Salida City Council meetings are held (Photo by Taylor Sumners)

The regular meeting will start promptly at 6:00 p.m. with agenda items including the second reading and public hearing of Ordinances 2021-09 and 2021-10. Ordinance 2021-09 deals with the rezoning of 900 J Street from Commercial to Manufactured Housing Residential. Ordinance 2021-10 would amend a section of the Salida Municipal Code concerning in-lieu fees chosen as an option for the satisfaction of the inclusionary housing requirements.

New Business and action items include Resolution 2021-21 which would approve a coordinated mail ballot election and adopting the uniform election code. Chaffee County Clerk and Recorder, Lori Mitchell, will conduct a mail ballot election for the November 2, 2021 election.

This resolution would approve the intergovernmental agreement (IGA) with the County, including the city’s participation in the coordinated mail ballot election and adoption of the Uniform Election Code. The signed IGA must be returned to the County Clerk by August 24.

The IGA requests that the City designate its Designated Election Official (DEO); the DEO shall act as the primary contact between the City and the Chaffee County Clerk and Recorder. Staff recommends designating City Clerk, Erin Kelley, to serve as the DEO for the City of Salida.

The City of Salida will have four elected positions on the ballot: the Mayor, and City Council seats in Ward One, Two and Three. The deadline to return nomination petitions is August 23. The ballot language must be certified and delivered to the Chaffee County Clerk by September 3, 2021.

City Council meetings continue to allow in-person attendance, primarily for purposes of conducting public hearings. The city still requests that those wishing to testify should plan to do so via the GoToWebinar platform or by email or letter.

Anyone who is unvaccinated who wants to provide testimony must wear a face mask and remain at least six feet away from others both inside and outside of the Council Chambers.

To watch virtually, click here.