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The Salida School District  Board of Education met in a special session on Tuesday, March 3, to act on a recommendation by Superintendent Blackburn to reassign Talmage Trujillo, as a result of the circumstances surrounding the Sept. 23 incident at the high school and a further incident related to the incident in which Salida Police showed up at the school with a search warrant for Principal Trujillo’s mobile phone.

The recommendation would have impacted the Salida High School (SHS) principal position, the SHS Dean of Students and the MTSS Coordinator position.

The board moved into a closed executive session to discuss the recommendation that would have demoted Mr. Trujillo to a teaching position on an interim basis for the remainder of the school year, or until further notice and it would have reassigned two additional staff members.

The board returned to public session to act on the recommendation. Board members spoke to the decision in front of the public, acknowledging the difficulty of the situation for all involved. Board members thanked the community for their engagement and expressed their commitment to considering the volume of thoughtful letters, calls, and messages received.

The recommendation did not pass during the board vote. The tally  was a vote of three to approve the recommendation and four opposed.

Superintendent Blackburn was tasked with bringing a revised recommendation to the board at the regular meeting of the Board scheduled for 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, March 8, in the Board Room at the Kesner Building, 349 East 9th Street, Salida.