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Tests administered last week to Chaffee County Detentions Center employees and inmates after a female inmate tested positive for the coronavirus known as  COVID-19 have all come back negative. According to Sheriff John Spezze, there are just a few test results still pending.

Sheriff John Spezze at a May press conference. Photo by Jan Wondra.

Spezze said in an earlier press release the unidentified female was transported to the Chaffee County Detentions Center by Chaffee County Sheriff personnel on June 22, over an outstanding Fremont County arrest warrant with a $10,000 cash-only bond. Before admittance to the jail, the woman was checked for any signs of coronavirus; she showed no symptoms.

“Due to logistical matters, the jail staff tested the female for COVID so she could be moved into the general female population and it was for that reason that the positive results were discovered” Spezze said at the time.

Spezze said Chaffee County Public Health was immediately contacted and worked closely with jail staff to ensure the best procedures to follow.

Spezze complimented the CCPH under Andrea Carlstrom. “We had real good cooperation from the County Department of Health, we got right on it,” he said, adding that though no one wanted the situation, “it’s as good as it can be.”
The infection detection prompted Speeze to discontinue fingerprinting at the Detentions Center which had just been restarted, due to concerns for public safety.