Salida’s locally owned, indie bookshop, The Book Haven, located at 109 N. F St. is improving their operations with an online platform for customers to purchase books. With every purchase, The Book Haven is handing out a reminder encouraging book enthusiasts to check out their extensive, new online store.

Book Haven street entrance at 109 North F St. Photo by Taylor Sumners.

“Ship to yourself, ship to the shop, or ship to someone else,” said Jessie Smith, who took over as owner and operator of Book Haven Book Store in the past year.

“Shipping to the store is great for the economy,” said Smith about ordering to the store, which a few months ago moved a block down F St. from its former location. “Customers receive free shipping and the sales tax stays .”

The online store allows The Book Haven to still meet the needs of the community with access to orders, allowing Jessie to spend time ordering the books she knows will be successful in the store. Smith stated that “A bookstore has a special role to play in the community and [she] wants to meet that need while also meeting the needs of [her] business…the online store will help bridge that gap by connecting to the warehouse.”

In addition to the online ordering, Smith says she will also accommodate book club orders of six books or more with a 15 percent off discount and is in the works of developing additional coupons and promotional codes.

On April 2, 2018, the purchase of The Book Haven was finalized for new owners, Jessie Smith and her husband Josh Smith. The bookstore’s new location has provided an opportunity for the couple to introduce handmade and letterpress goods by Ovierre Industries into the space. It also provides custom sign work and logo goods.

“I needed a creative outlet because so much of the business is bookkeeping, restock, account management and talking with people,” said Jessie. “So we bought the letterpress. I could design a lot of paper goods going into the store, bring down our margins, and all-around make smarter business moves.”

The addition of the letterpress has allowed for the Smiths to create custom greeting cards, business cards and custom work such as wedding invitations.

The Book Haven was previously owned by sisters Lisa Marvel and Laura Marvel-Wunderlich, who also owned the building. With the purchase of the letterpress business, the Smiths found themselves in a bind to search for a new spot in order to house the business operations. They moved to 109 North F St. on March 1.

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