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Tuesday evening, Jan. 12 Colorado District 3 representative Lauren Boebert refused to comply with security rules of the United States House of Representative. The refusal resulting in a standoff at the doors of the House Chambers, came as legislation requesting that Vice President Mike Pence invoke the 25th amendment, to remove President Donald Trump from office, was being considered on the floor.

Congressional candidate Lauren Boebert poses with Colorado militia members. Courtesy Colorado Times Recorder

When she refused to go through the metal detector, or allow her bag to be searched, security stopped her at the door of the House Chamber, refusing to allow her to enter.  When she tried to enter through a different door, she is reported to have knocked over a Capitol Police officer.

No reason is known for why she wanted to bring a gun to the House Chamber floor.

While her extreme QAnon beliefs and stance on guns and other Trump-focused viewpoints are known, it is only six days since the violent mob insurrection at the Capitol. That day, thousands of right -wing militia members, neo nazis, QAnon believers, patriot groups, white supremacists and Trump supporters passionately believing the lie in election fraud during the 2020 election (all 50 states and 60 court cases have confirmed that there was none) created chaos on the Capitol grounds.

Boebert swore an oath to the Constitution as a House Representative on Sunday,  Jan. 3, only three days before the insurrection at the Capitol, in which she appears to have participated. During the attack she boldly sent text messages to the mob about the whereabouts of House representatives, endangering lives against a mob, the leaders of which were clearly set, not just on desecrating our Capitol, but harming legislators. She also reported to them that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had been taken out of the chamber.

There are already calls for her to resign, and some in her district  have begun mounting a recall effort. Her actions are all the more bizarre given that the president directed that mob against his own vice president, and on members of the co-equal legislative branch of government.

The incident happened on a day when legislators were briefed on the extent of the damage to the Capitol and of the extreme violence by the mob against Capitol Police. They came armed, with guns and zip ties and apparently knowledge of where to go in the Capitol. Weapons included black handguns, pipe bombs, assault rifles, swords and axes, flag poles filed with concrete, and nooses to string up members of congress.

The mob’s behavior is only now being revealed. Their disgusting behavior included; smashed doors and windows, destroyed art, smashed furniture, smeared feces on Capitol building walls, bullet holes in the marble walls and art, peeing on the floors, theft (art, federal mail, and laptops), marching through the building with Confederate and right wing militant flags, and attacking police officers, who sought to protect legislators and the building.

Her belligerent behavior continues as there are credible  threats of violence against the nation’s Capitol, Congressional members, and President-elect Joe Biden, as well as against all 50 state Capitols and government at all levels.