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“When you Strengthen Journalism, you Strengthen Democracy.”

This is the message we leave with our readers as we close in on the last day of the past year, and the official end of the Ark Valley Voice NewsMatch Challenge in which every dollar donated to AVV will be doubled by the Institute for Nonprofit News.

Our mission to give truth a voice is based on that belief: that our role as journalists is to find and report the truth, even when some would deem it inconvenient so that an informed electorate can base beliefs and actions on the truth.

In August, 2022 when Ark Valley Voice (AVV) became a nonprofit news organization. we were qualified for the most important year-end NewsMatch of which we have ever been a part.

If we can raise $15,000 in community donations by December 31, the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN) will match it; effectively doubling every donation made by our friends and readers. All of it goes to support our working journalists.

AVV is so very close– as of this morning, we are only $600 short of our goal. we stand at $14,427 in donations. We need to raise the full amount to receive the $15,000 NewsMatch.

Even if you’ve never made a donation to AVV before to help us continue to deliver fact-based and unbiased news, we hope you will consider supporting this mission to give truth a voice.

If this news coverage mattered to you, we hope you will consider supporting the AVV mission to give truth a voice and help us reach our grant goal. Just follow the DONATE button on this page to make a 100 percent tax-deductible donation.