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The county has a Comprehensive Land Use plan that while dated, very closely reflects the prevailing opinion of the residents of Chaffee County. That was clearly demonstrated by the recently completed Envision process. This is such a critical issue and a high priority that the county commissioners have decided to start the process of an entirely new comprehensive plan and land use code. While the old comprehensive plan accurately reflects current residents’ voices, the land use code used to implement the plan is completely outdated and obsolete.

Using the current land use code results in exactly the sort of development that residents do not want in the rural area.
The Centerville Ranch proposal is the perfect example of the type of development that residents do not what. It would create a village where none currently exists. It would destroy the rural values we hold dear. It would be the first step in turning the valley into the type of valley we do not want. If you like Summit or Eagle counties, you will love what developers are planning for Chaffee County.

But we can do something about it. The land use code needs to be rewritten and the county commissioners know it. What we need is a moratorium on new rural development until the land use code can be updated. I urge you to write our county commissioners and tell them you support a moratorium on new rural development until the land use code can be updated to reflect the residents of Chaffee County. Tell them to stop development outside the 3 mile radius of influence around the cities to give them time to complete the update. Write a Letter to the Editor to our local news explaining why you think a moratorium is necessary. Decisions they make today cannot be fixed later. What we lose today, we lose forever.

The next Board of County Commissioners (BCC) meeting to discuss this development will be Thursday, February 21 at 5:00 pm at the county fairgrounds. Come and use your voice.

Doug Welch
Nathrop, Co